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Singer, songwriter, and guitarist D. Charles Speer is the adopted moniker of Dave Shuford, a member of the infamous No-Neck Blues Band from Brooklyn, NY. He writes roots Americana songs from the weird side of American life, evoking the past, representing the present, and predicting the future in the musical languages of the Deep South and country & western. His backing band, the Helix, is also made up of some NNCK members: D. Charles Speer & the Helix's other members include Hans Chew (piano, vocals); Marc Orleans (electric guitar, pedal steel); Margot Bianca (vocals); Ted Robinson (bass); and Steven McGuirl (drums). Their first recordings, Past or Beyond/Canaanite Builder and Some Forgotten Country, appeared on the Sound@One imprint in 2007. In 2008 they issued After Hours on the Black Dirt label. In Madagascar was released on Sound@One during 2009, and Distillation appeared the same year on Three-Lobed. Speer also collaborated with Jack Rose on the four-track EP Ragged and Right from Thrill Jockey, which saw release in 2010, a few months after Rose's death. A pair of albums, Arghiledes and Leaving the Commonwealth, appeared in 2011, with Doubled Exposure arriving early in 2014, all from Thrill Jockey. ~ Thom Jurek

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