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Arriving to the archipelago, we were thrown into those pleasant time of nineteen nineties, when internet and mobile phones did not exist and travel information was gained by talking to locals on the ground, occasional fellow traveler, exploring yourself. As of 2018, none guidebook existed for Andaman Islands. So we wrote this one and we honestly believe this is the most detailed and comprehensive book about the Archipelago.

There is no reasonable internet connection on Andamans, saving this guidebook offline in your phone, will help you out massively when on the ground.

To keep our travel guide up to date, we post updates here: https://eagleflyfree.com/en/tips-and-recommendations/andaman-guide-updates/

Guide book is optimised for landscape reading on 5-5,5 inch iPhones, like 6, 6+, 7, 7+ and higher and for portrait reading on iPads or computer screens.

Travel guide content

*** Itinerary - How to plan a trip to Andaman Islands and what highlights not to miss?

*** Transport -Getting there and around Andaman Islands. Ships, buses, jeep, tuk-tuks (auto rickshaws) and helicopters are available on the archipelago.

*** Accommodation- Your sleeping options range from bamboo huts with a mattress on the floor to luxury rooms and cottages. Prices start from 6-7 € per night for bamboo hut to over 100 € per night for luxury rooms. Read more and avoid overpriced tourist traps on Havelock and Neil islands.

*** Port Blair - I keep general info to the minimum and focus on info real individual traveler’s needs. Many people just pass thru on the way to Havelock. However, Port Blair does have one spectacular sight, worth budgeting an extra day. And it is not the jail. What is it?

*** Havelock - Is Havelock heaven or hell of the archipelago? Both! This guide, is probably the only place, where you can read about negative things. We do not need to sell any tours or services to you, so we can afford to be always open, straightforward and if needed be, critical. Read on, we will advise you how to minimize hell and maximize paradise :)

*** Neil Island - Visitors mostly tend to think of Neil island as being more quiet alternative to Havelock. Having visited 13 Andaman islands, we have difficulties to agree with that.

*** North Andaman - The real beauty and the best area of the whole Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, is in the north. Still, not many people make their way this far. Good for you! When you take this little extra effort, you can enjoy the area with little to no tourist in sight.

*** Little Andaman - has that sensational feel of the end of the world. Kilometers of beaches, jungle waterfalls and water reservoirs wait just for you. Enjoy a motorbike ride and feel the complete freedom to discover the beauty of this island. And it is surprisingly inexpensive!

*** Middle Andaman's highlights are its turtle nesting beaches and two mangrove walkways. Check transport and accommodation at Middle Andaman and explore its exotically named places: Dhani Nallah, Moricedera and Yeratta ...

*** Long Island - You may consider visiting Long Island for its beautiful Lalaji Bay beach and nice jungle walk heading from the inhabited south of the island to the Lalaji bay.

*** Wandoor and MG Marine national park - Wonderful sea journey thru narrow stretch of the sea, between South Andaman and Alexandra island, surrounded by dense jungle on both sides. And then the Indian bureaucracy ruins your paradise.

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