Buying a home is a dream that everyone strives for. Thee is one of millions in Bangkok that cannot afford a home, much less a spacious home on his manager staff salary. One day, a huge job opportunity knocks on his door and Thee accepts a position as the new Head of Marketing at a company located in northern Thailand. Now with a substantially higher salary while living in an area with lower real estate prices, a new home isn't just a dream anymore. Thee believes that his wife, Parn, and his two kids Nan and Nat will have a happier life at Laddaland, a new housing project with large, beautiful homes. Life is good. Finally, everyone can be together and enjoy the warmth and comfort of their new home. Little does he realise that in the same evening a Burmese maid is brutally murdered at a neighbour's house. Savagely beaten, her mangled body is found stuffed inside the refrigerator. Death is something we all must face soon or later, but in Laddaland it's your dead neighbours that you must deal with.

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