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Are you trying to find proof to paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, UFOs, aliens, out of body experiences (OBB), X-files, unexplained things, space, demons and angels, extraterrestrial life, after life, supernatural or spiritual world and more?

Whether or not you are a skeptic or a believer, Paranormal News will open your eyes to the world of the unknown. It contains the breaking news from a wide range of popular sources within the paranormal realm discussing ghosts and hauntings, bigfoot, UFOs, extraterrestrial life, cryptids and more. Content material consists of information, movies, photographs, videos and audio podcasts.

If you love all things paranormal, you will love this app

Some Features:

*Daily updates news, photos, videos and more
*Beautiful Material Design
*Light pictures and meterials for mobile data users.
*Fastest server
*Push notification
*Interactive comments
*Powerful news search feature
*Read, save, share and comment on articles
*Collapsible top navigation for more room for reading
*Share news on social networks
*And more...

Paranormal News is a official app of WholeSecrets.Com


Sürüm 2.0

Paranormal News was fully updated! Install Paranormal News 2.0 now and discover all changes!

*Night mode added
*4 new templates added (List view, reverse list view, card view, column)
*Video and Images Menu
*Register and login manually
*Register with Facebook
*Login with Facebook
*Add comment
*Faster loading
*and more...

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Ramanujan20 ,


it is better with version 2.0


Cem Arbag
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iOS 9.0 veya üst sürümünü gerektirir. iPhone, iPad ve iPod touch ile uyumludur.



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Aşırı derecede Dehşet/Korku Temaları
Telif Hakkı
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