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Partner: Women's Safety XPRIZE. Winner: LAUNCH Festival 2016.

A free app that lets friends, family and neighbors protect each other. “Sort of this Amber Alert social network - but for everything!”

No additional device purchase required: needs only your phone.

Guardian Circle is peer-to-peer safety. In many cases, your network is closer and can help you fastest.

Know that you and your loved ones are safe, even when it seems like no one is around.

Guardian Circle is perfect for
- Your daughter in college
- Extreme sports or hiking
- People with health issues
- Senior relatives
- Solo entrepreneurs or real estate agents
- Natural disasters

How It Works:

Invite friends, family and neighbors to be your Guardians
- Guardians pre-agree to be there for you, no matter what

An urgent situation arises …
- You’ve been injured jogging alone
- A guy at the bar won’t take No for an answer
- You’re stuck at work and can’t pick up your child
- Or a more serious emergency ...

- Set Alert Level: Emergency, Urgent, Request or Only A Test
- If there is time, describe ‘What’s Going On?’ (Your Guardians will see this in your Alert).
- Send the Alert!

Guardian Circle Organizes Your Response Team
- Your Guardians get an immediate ALERT NOTIFICATION on their phone
- They click and enter your Alert Room
- Everyone’s location is shared in a group chat. Now everyone knows where everyone else is and everyone can communicate. Now they can plan to help you fast.
- This is true whether your Guardians know each other in advance or not.

Guardian Circle is the ONLY app that organizes your response team into instant communication and location sharing with EACH OTHER (as well as with you) -- which means you’ll stay safer and get help faster.

Get it Now. Get it Free.
- Available now. Available worldwide.
- Your phone is your emergency device.
- No additional device purchase (watch, ring, trinket) required. (These devices require your phone anyway to send alerts, so we eliminated the need for them altogether.)
- Unlimited number of Guardians.
- Unlimited number of Alerts.

Guardians, Not ‘Emergency Contacts’
- Guardianship is a sacred bond, a commitment secured in advance. This is very different than just listing ‘emergency contacts’ without their express, ongoing permission.
- Relationships change over time. Remove Guardians whenever you want. Step down as someone else’s Guardian at any time.
- “First, Do No Harm”: You do not want to make a bad situation worse. Guardian Circle protects against summoning a predator by allowing only approved Guardians to receive Alerts.
- Some ‘panic button apps’ simply text emergency contacts, telling them to “help you” by clicking a suspicious link. Guardian Circle avoids this ‘spam link’ confusion.
- Your Guardians know exactly what a Guardian Alert is in advance, and how to use the Alert Room to respond to you. No suspicious texts or fumbling with a strange new app during a real emergency!

- Four Alert Levels: Emergency, Urgent, Request and Only A Test.
- Supports multiple simultaneous Alerts (very useful in a natural disaster)
- Guardian Circle lets you to run as many “Only A Test” Alerts as you want, so that you and your Guardians can get used to how everything works.

You Always Control Your Guardian Relationships
- You are always in control of who is allowed to receive your Alerts.
- You are always in control of who is allowed to send you Alerts.
- Remove Guardians at any time.
- Stop Guarding anyone at any time.

Your Privacy Is Important
- Guardian Circle does not continuously track your location! Guardians are not able to “just see your location” whenever they want. - Your privacy is extremely important to you -- and to us!
- Your location is only shared if you Create An Alert.
- Guardian location is only shared if you Respond to an Alert.
- Your location sharing stops immediately when you Leave an Alert Room.


版本 2.1.3

Added support for Guardium Wallet addresses


Guardian Circle, Inc.
24.3 MB
需要 iOS 8.2 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。
分級為 4+
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