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To use CUE file you need to copy your CUE file to the device.
After that press the locking icon and choose your CUE file.
To connect the CUE file press the √ icon.

Welcome to CUEplyaer.

The new and improved music player for iOS.

CUEplayer include the following features:
01. Split long music into separate tracks and save them as a CUE file that act as a playlist.
02. Connect new CUE file.
03. Disconnect exist CUE file.
04. Select music from Albums,Artists,Podcasts,Songs and unique to CUE Player "Recents play".
05. "Recents play" - Every music file that you listen to is saved for later use.
06. Change player skin.
07. See the exact song title name - no more "...".
08. Share the song title name over Facebook(c) , Twitter(c) and E-mail.
09. Control music when screen is locked or in background mode.
10. Control volume level.
11. Improved now playing info on screen lock,including artwork.
12. Seek forward/backward with speed of x2,x4,x6,x8.

All the others do the regular things.
CUE Music Player Exceeds all.


版本 2.0

Redesign the entire application.

Add local database.
Add option to create playlist of entire album tracks.
Add scrolling mechanism to show 1 scrolling line at a time.
Add indicator when scrolling from cd1 to cd2 in album info.
Add indicator when scrolling from regular song to cue song in playlist.
Add support for AirPlay.
When connection to headset or AirPlay device the name appear on the bottom off main player screen.
Add easy navigation with playlist on the right and music sources on the left.
Add support for languages:

1. English.
2. Arabic.
3. French.
4. Japanese.
5. Spanish.
6. Hebrew.
7. Russian.

Please help us improve the languages translate.
If you find and mistake we love to hear about it,
And add you to the application credit.


yaron walter
8 MB
需要 iOS 6.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。
分級為 4+
© 2011 Walter Apps
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  1. Works with cue NT$ 30


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