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若要使用 Mac 尋找並下載 App,Mac App Store 是最簡單的工具。

若要從 Mac App Store 下載 Illumination Software Creator,您需要配有 OS X 10.6.6 或以上版本的 Mac。 進一步瞭解。

Illumination Software Creator

開發者:Linda Bradford

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Illumination Software Creator allows anyone to create their own software applications… without writing a single line of “code”. It is more like drawing a flowchart, which the App turns into code.

NOTE: a new update with even more visual improvements is due out Fall of 2014

The idea is simple: Arrange colorful building blocks of functionality however you like to create your own, unique, piece of software.

No reading large computer programming books. No steep learning curve.

One project creates apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Windows Desktops, HTML5 websites and Flash websites.

Illumination even gives you the full Adobe Flex, Android Java, iOS Obj-C, JavaScript and Python source code to the projects you create. This provides some major benefits:

1) Apps created with Illumination are 100% native. (iPhone apps are 100% Objective-C, etc.).
2) It's a great way to prototype new projects, or learn new languages.

Tutorials (including instructions for preparing your Mac for building iOS, Android, etc. apps) and example projects can be found on the Support Page.

There is a new version of this software due out soon.

Help, Information and news on updates/upgrades, nocost software downloads, tutorials, videos and more are available on the Support Page.

- Building iOS (iPhone & iPad) apps requires XCode 3.2.6 or XCode 4 or above (all no cost from Apple).
- Running iOS (iPhone & iPad) apps directly from the Illumination toolbar requires XCode 3.2.6 (not currently compatible with XCode 4).
- Building and Running Flash/Flex Web apps requires Adobe Flex SDK
- Building and Running Python/GTK apps requires PyGTK.
- Building and Running Android (JAVA) apps requires the Android SDK and Eclipse.

4.1 版本的新內容

- Can now build HTML5 Web Applications!
- The new Image Library lets you add and manage graphics in your apps easily.
- Loads of fixes and usability improvements to make it even easier to build your own apps.


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Illumination Software Creator
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  • 版本: 4.1
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  • 語言: 英語
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相容性: OS X 10.6.5 或以上版本