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From Planets to the Cosmos

發行: The Ohio State University

此課程教材只在 iPhone 或 iPad 上的 iTunes U App 提供。


From Planets to the Cosmos (Astronomy 1101) is an overview of astronomy from our solar system to the universe as a whole.  Designed for non-science majors, this course is organized around three overarching and interconnected themes:
  1. The Long Copernican Revolution: the historical discovery of the nature of our solar system, and our on-going discovery of planetary systems around other stars.
  2. The Lives of the Stars: the nature and evolution of stars and black holes, and the origin of the chemical elements we find in nature.
  3. The Cosmos: the history of galaxies and the universe, evidence for the Big Bang, and the structure of the universe on its largest scales.
This course will review the facts that astronomers have learned about these topics, describe the outstanding scientific problems at the frontiers of current research, illustrate ways in which physical principles are used to understand the universe, and show how scientific theories are developed and tested against observations.

This is an open, self-paced version of a course I teach at The Ohio State University, using materials created when it was taught during the Spring and Autumn semesters of 2015.  Unlike my previous iTunes U course, Life in the Universe, it includes lecture and demo videos created specially for this course.

All of the lecture and demonstration videos for this course are closed-captioned and include full transcriptions of the audio portions.

Course Image:
The course image is an artist's impression of ASASSN-15lh, the most powerful supernova explosion observed to date, discovered using the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS-SN) telescope system developed at The Ohio State University.  Original artwork by Jin Ma, Beijing Planetarium.
From Planets to the Cosmos
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