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Find the cheapest or nearest currency exchanges near you when you're on the go.

Whether you're on a one-time vacation or a frequent business traveler - Easy Currency Converter Finder instantly provides the quickest and most reliable travel currency exchange information.

With a few taps of the screen a traveler can:

- Check current retail cash exchange rates (in major world cities)

- See the wholesale FX rates and last week charts

- Convert currencies (90+)

- Locate & compare local currency exchange options

- See store hours, addresses, phone numbers and emails

- Use navigator, phone or email to contact chosen exchange store

- The app knows details of 7500+ exchange stores located in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia (Bali) - new locations are added all the time.

- The app speaks multiple languages: English, Chinese and Russian - new languages are added all the time

Transaction calculations are done for you, tailored to your needs and location, on one simple screen. Easy Currency Converter Finder is not affiliated with any travel money exchangers. All comparisons are made on the basis of price and distance.

Free to use, ad free and we don't require any personal or financial information.

Save your hard earned travel money and download Easy Currency Converter Finder today!

Some use examples:
- Stuck in the queue at your travel money exchange? The line is so long... and you don’t even know if they have the best rate in town. Perfect time to ask your smart phone if there is a better deal around the corner. Download the Easy Currency Converter Finder application and let your smartphone tell you if you are in the right queue or not.

- Stepping out of the hotel to discover the local scene and tempted to change your travel money at the hotel’s reception desk? Why not ask your smartphone if there is a better deal somewhere on your way? Download Easy Currency Converter Finder application, get the answer, save some money.

- The money exchange place has a sign that they will price match any competitor. If only you somehow knew the best price offered in the neighborhood. Why not ask your smart phone about it? Download Easy Currency Converter Finder application, get the answer, save some money.

Don't waste your hard earned travel money on bad exchange rates.

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Що нового

Версія 2.2

Added FX Rate display – the wholesale market rate for the chosen exchange. Gives idea of the best possible exchange rate.


25.2 МБ
Потрібна iOS 8.0 або новішої версії. Сумісність із iPhone, iPad і iPod touch.
Англійська, Китайська (спрощена), Китайська (традиційна), Російська
Вікова категорія
Вікове обмеження 4+


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