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Версія 198.0

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3.2 з 5
Оцінок: 2.7 тис'.'
Оцінок: 2.7 тис'.'

How to improve

Hello, dear developers! Thank you for your hardworking to let all of us safe, fast and comfort access to Facebook. However, I've noticed that this app doesn't have any function something like cash cleaning. Well, my app has now 1,7 gB of junk files which can't be deleted anyway from my iPhone. There are no other apps to delete it and I can't delete it manually. So, what am I supposed to do? Yes, Barbarian methods like deleting app and downloading it back. And I think I'm not alone with this issue.
Hope you can resolve it
Best wishes, Elisey


Pages and newsfeed

Dear Facebook developers!
I want to check posts to the pages I like! Earlier in the field 'Pages' one could see all pages. So it was easy to check new posts. Now when I click 'Pages' I can see only the ones I'm managing. It's very inconvenient. Because of the awful newsfeed, I miss a lot of important posts! Why should I see when my friends like some posts of their friends whom I even don't know! Because of this app policy I'm deprived of really essential things to read! Earlier at least I could see the pages I liked in button 'Pages', and check them one by one. Please, improve that somehow! Or return this function for Apple devices.
Thank you! Hope you take this into consideration!


Huge size

dear, why such a huge application size ??? even if the messenger needs to be downloaded in a high order? besides after accidentally deleting the program, I can not download it back without wi-fi, through the 3G network I just can not download, because the application size is too large, and how can I download it again? in any way? aphis I run around the streets and catch wi-fi? finally make a normal application that weighs less!


Facebook, Inc.
521.8 МБ
Соціальні мережі
Потрібна iOS 9.0 або новішої версії. Сумісність із iPhone, iPad і iPod touch. Apple TV.
Іврит, Індонезійська, Іспанська, Італійська, Англійська, Арабська, Букмол норвезька, В’єтнамська, Голландська, Грецька, Гінді, Данська, Китайська (спрощена), Китайська (традиційна), Корейська, Малайська, Німецька, Польська, Португальська, Російська, Румунська, Словацька, Тайська, Турецька, Угорська, Французька, Фінська, Хорватська, Чеська, Шведська, Японська
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Рідкі/помірні сцени зі вживанням алкоголю, тютюну чи наркотиків або згадки про них
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