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One of the bands leading France's completely unexpected charge into extreme metal powerhouse status in the 00's, Anorexia Nervosa was formed in 1995 by vocalist Stéphane Gerbaud, guitarists Stefan Bayle and Marc Zabe, bassist Pierre Couquet and drummer Nilcas Vant, from the remnants of an earlier death metal outfit called Necromancia. The band soon landed a deal with Seasons of Mist for the release of their 1997 conceptual debut Exile, but subsequently left the label and replaced Gerbaud and Zabe with new frontman RMS Hreidmarr and keyboardist Neb Xort. They then pursued a new, self-described, "dark nihilistic metal" direction with 1999's subtly-named Sodomizing the Archangel, released by France's own Osmose Productions. There they remained for ensuing efforts Drudenhaus (2000) and New Obscurantis Order (2001), touring all over Europe with the likes of Cradle of Filth, Rotting Christ and Agressor, and establishing themselves as a symphonic black metal force to be reckoned with. Anorexia Nervosa then enjoyed a three year hiatus before returning to action -- dressed to the nines, painted like penguins, and armed with the same black metal onslaught and a new label (The End) for 2004's Redemption Process. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia


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