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About Danzig

In 1977, Glenn Danzig formed the band The Misfits, which would become the leader of the burgeoning horror-punk genre.

∙ Danzig played saxophone, clarinet, and piano as a child, became a drum roadie at age 11, and sang in a Black Sabbath tribute band at age 13.
∙ Following The Misfits’ breakup, Danzig released several albums with Samhain, which morphed into the band Danzig.
∙ Noted Misfits fan James Hetfield added backing vocals to the songs “Possession” and “Twist of Cain,” both of which appear on Danzig’s self-titled debut.
∙ Their 1988 single “Mother” became a surprise hit in 1994, thanks to a remix featuring audience crowd noise and extra reverb, plus a video highlighting live footage of the band.
∙ Danzig’s song “Thirteen” plays over the opening credits of the film The Hangover, and the band contributed a new song, “Black Hell,” to The Hangover, Pt. II.

Lodi, NJ

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