About Kattun

Composed originally of members of various teen dance units within the Johnny and Associates music company, the group Kat-Tun (the name is an acronym of the members' names) gained popularity after performances in 2001 as backup dancers for Idol singer Koichi Domoto. With a surge of teen (and pre-teen) demand, the group was solidified and sent into rotation for concert performances despite not yet having any recordings to their credit. A live DVD of some of the concerts sprang to the top of the Oricon charts upon its 2005 release, prompting the band, five years after formation, to release their first recordings in March 2006, simultaneously topping the Oricon charts for singles ("Real Face"), albums (the oddly-titled Best of Kat-Tun), and DVD releases (Real Face Film) — all three formats were released in tandem. While breaking Japanese sales records, the band put together a sophomore release in 2007, paired with a weekly variety show, as well as 2008's Queen of Pirates. Over a short recording career span from 2006 to 2008, the band has performed remarkably — three albums, seven singles, and six DVDs, each debuting at the Oricon number one slot, and each adding to a sales total well beyond most other artists. In a fad-heavy genre such as J-Pop, Kat-Tun appears to be one of the groups to really tap into the underlying forces and maintain a strong following.

Tokyo, Japan

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