About Wave

The Canadian rock group called Wave, is really a duo consisting of two young guitarists and songwriters, Dave Thomson and Paul Gigliotti. The guys actually went to the same high school, but were never close friends until 1999, after the graduation was behind them. That's when they began performing together in a local band. They soon left the band behind though, to work as Wave, recording a debut album that was released in the spring of 2001.
Both Thomson and Gigliotti knew they wanted to make it in the music business, but never dreamed what a short climb it would take them to get to the starting rung of the ladder, and a few steps ahead. The team completed a four-track demo that just happened to land in the right hands at the right time. That little demo earned them an audition for the major label Warner Music Canada. The same day of the try out, a stunned Thomson and Gigliotti, walked away with a recording contract.
Wave's debut album, Nothing as it Seems, was recorded partly in Los Angeles and partly in Toronto. There were plenty of well-known artists called in to lend a helping hand on the album, like guitarists John Pierce and Tim Pierce, drummer Vinny Colaiuta, keyboardist Justin Gray, and producers Ben Dunk and Rick Neigher. Some of the songs Wave has recorded include "With the Stars," "I'd Give Anything," "Until the Record Breaks," "Daydream," "Don't Leave," and "California." ~ Charlotte Dillon