16 Songs, 1 Hour 12 Minutes


Album number 11 from the enduring Lebanese pop star.


Album number 11 from the enduring Lebanese pop star.


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4.7 out of 5
61 Ratings
61 Ratings
IAmTheBadB!tch ,


its mediocre at best.Same sounding album like before


Preordered Elissa’s New Album

I have preordered the new Elissa’s new Album, the amount of money has been deducted from my account and did not receive the album. Please advise.

YounisalAhdab ,

طولتي علينا بس رجعتي بقنبلة الموسم 💥💥

ألبوم متكامل من ناحية اللحن والكلمات يعيبه ببعض الأغاني ضعف التوزيع. ألبوم سكتت فيه إليسا جميع منتقديها اللي اتهمومها بعدم التنويع والتجديد بالأغاني. بصراحة من بعد ألبوم أسعد وحدة كان في عدم ثبات في جودة الأغاني بالنسبة لإليسا ولكن بعد هالألبوم تغيرت المعادلة. خلاصة الكلام ألبوم ما عليه كلام❤️❤️

About Elissa

Lebanese singer Elissa is one of the biggest Arabic pop stars of the new millennium. In addition to her music, she is known for her flashy promotional videos, television commercial sponsorships, and luxury-brand clothing. Born Elissar Zakaria Khoury on October 27, 1971, in Deir el Ahmar, Lebanon, she made her album debut in 1999 with Baddy Doub. The single "Baddy Doub" became her first hit. Her second album, W'akherta Ma'ak (2000), spawned a major hit with the single "Bitghib Betrouh," a duet with fellow Lebanese star Ragheb Alameh. Third album A'ayshalak (2002) continued her hit streak. The title track was her next major hit single, and it was accompanied with a flashy video filmed in Paris. Fourth album Ahla Dounya (2004) was her first of several on the Rotana label, and by this point Elissa's popularity had grown to such heights that she was featured in a series of Pepsi commercials featuring different songs from the album. In 2005 she won her first World Music Award for Best-Selling Middle Eastern Artist. She won the award again in 2006, the year she released her fifth album, Bastanak. Successive albums include Ayami Beek (2007). ~ Jason Birchmeier

Deir-El-Amar, Lebanon
October 27, 1972