12 Songs, 49 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings
6 Ratings

Great music


Phenomenal work as usual. The only disappointment is there aren’t more songs :)) I can always listen to more Wagakki Band’s music.

The melodies and vocals

Yumi Doll

I love how different melodies and voices get played into this and it feels soothing and peaceful to me. Just something about it... (a few of their songs I love) is just soothing and beautiful! I support and love this band very much and looking forward to seeing more!
My favorites are Sasameyuki, Hakanakumo, Kimigainai-Machi, Doppo, & Sabakuno-Komoriuta!
Those songs are so beautiful and unique in melody and vocals! The music itself is just soothing and beautiful!

continues to impress


Stellar instrumentation and vocals, as we've come to expect, really.

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