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144 Ratings
Brett L. Schuchert ,

Stipe covers an excellent song he likes from Joseph Arthur

This album contains several excellent versions of a song by Joseph Arthur. Stipe selected a live version of this song sung by Joseph Arthur on a compilation he formed for a magazine. Now he's following up that selection by actually signing it. Chris' and Michael's voices work very well together. I'd also recommend the album this song comes from, "Come to Where I'm From." The third track contains Joseph singing with Stipe and it is initially my favorite version of this song on the album. I think this version surpasses the version on “Come to Where I’m From” but my favorite is still the live version of the song from a concert in France.


5 Incredible Versions of a Timeless Song

In the Sun is a brilliant song that taps into the collective unconscious, fears and insecurities that chills all of us. Joseph Arthur through this song and many of his others wraps these chilling facts of humanity into an honest yet optimistic blanket that warms deep into our souls.

***In the Sun (Free Acoustic Couch Rehearsal) is my pick of the bunch.***

Katrina Victims ,

Truley touching, and perfect meaning

I am a hurricane Katrina Victim, and the past 6 months have been the hardest times ive ever feel on. Its in human nature to forget and move on, and thats what ive been doing ever since. You know what I have learned from all of this is that no matter what happens in your life, it keeps going and things will happen that you can not change, fix or be in control of. That is the beauty in life, that its out of your hands. Once i heard this song i just broke down and cried. I haven't thought about all thats happened in a long time. And I relize that just because I have started over, there are still thousands of people who need help. This song is just the most beautiful I have ever heard because it brings meaning back in to my life. Michael Stipes voice is so framilar its soothing, and Chris Martins voice brings the tears and it the perfect combination of talent. Thank You so much for creating this for us. I cant stop listening to it -MTF-

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