12 Songs, 37 Minutes


About Fernando Delgadillo

Singer and songwriter Fernando Delgadillo was born in Mexico City in 1965. In 1986, the artist started building his music career while participating in a folk band called El Sapo Cancionero. In 1989, Delgadillo decided to play along with Juan González, Rodrigo Solis, and Gonzalo Ceja, forming a project called Seimus, short for Sociedad de Escritores y Músicos Urbanos Subterráneos. A year later, Seimus became a duet when Solis and Ceja left. During that period, Fernando Delgadillo independently recorded a self-titled cassette followed by La Canción Informal, Recopilaciones, and Variaciones de la Canción Informal. In 1992, his first album was produced by José Avila; the record was called Concierto Aire a Tí. Soon after, they recorded Crónicas de Bruno del Breñal, Derivaciones de la Canción Informal, and 1995's De Vuelos y de Sol. In recognition to his career, Fernando Delgadillo was invited to participate at Beijing's International TV Festival in 1997 and, two years later, to La Habana's Youth International Festival. In 1999, Febrero 13 was released and presented live at Mexico City's Metropolitan Theater. ~ Drago Bonacich

December 7, 1965




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