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This album Rocks!


I was looking for some new music and I came across this band because I was a fan of God Lives Underwater. The beats are solid and it's just a great album. It blows my mind that this album was not a huge sucess!!! Buy this album. I only hope more is coming out by them!

They should be famous right now. Why AREN'T they!?


Wow, I was blown away when I heard these guys. I can't really think of a genre to place them into, hah. I first listened to "End of All Things" and couldn't get it out of my head. I eventually got the album and was amazed to find every song getting stuck in my head like the first. They are all great songs and I can't believe I've never heard of WAW before! I just hope this isn't all they'll ever release.

About Wired All Wrong

A collaboration between Jeff Turzo (God Lives Underwater) and Matt Mahaffey (Self), Wired All Wrong's origins are the result of a happy accident. As a result of mislabeling video credits on the MTV program 120 Minutes, the two bands became friends and often would tour with one another. After the breakup of God Lives Underwater, Turzo began recording tracks for the Wired All Wrong project. In the meantime, Self had just been released from their contract from Dreamworks Records, as the label dissolved shortly after its inception. Mahaffey then gave Turzo a disc of unreleased music and Wired All Wrong eventually morphed into a collaborative effort. Their debut album, Bring Out the Battletapes, was released on Nitrus Records in September 2006. ~ Rob Theakston

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