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One of the Top 5 Albums of 2007


And there have been some great works of art this year. This album is infectious, and heartbreaking, and inspiring (and in that order, for me). Listen to it backward/forward, you'll get something different out of it each time. Perhaps I'm speaking for all the Gruvis Malt lovers that have been craving something equally challenging and musically interesting as Maxiumum Unicorn (or GM's live experience), but this album shook me awake from a musical slumber. Gavin is at his best here and I can't wait to see what comes next. But if you're buying this, bring your tissues. Or lighters. Then go do what you love.

Life Changing

Joseph Cawling,

This is the most original "prog-hop" CD I've ever heard. It tells Gavin's life story backwards, from the end to present day. To me, it's about what happens if you give up the pursuit of your dreams. Lyrically he's miles beyond what most artists are doing right now. Like each of the 50 albums he puts out a year, it proves once again that Gavin Castleton is the most slept on musical genius in the US. period.

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