3 Songs, 9 Minutes


About The Hot Lies

Australian national radio broadcaster Triple J took an interest in the country's burgeoning pop-punk scene at exactly the right time for Hot Lies. Formed in the beginning of 2004, only two months later the Adelaide band heard their EP of demos being played by the station. The original lineup of Pete Wood on vocals, Josh Delsar on lead guitar, Benjamin Pix on rhythm guitar, Leaton Rose on bass, and Jared Brown on drums was shaken up when Delsar left in 2006. After auditions, a replacement was found in Mikey Valentine, but six months later -- just before they began recording their debut album, Ringing in the Sane -- he also left. Luke Szabo joined the band just in time, moving from Melbourne where he had been a member of the Scissor File. As part of the recording process, they teamed up with Eskimo Joe during a trip to Perth for a joint songwriting session that resulted in the songs "Tokyo" and "Under Your Skin." Ringing in the Sane was released in 2007. ~ Jody Macgregor




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