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54 Ratings

3 Fervent Travelers


Well lads, it's about time! I landed in Philly about 4-5 years back for a convention, only to arrive in the midst of a transportation strike. Nowhere to go! What to do... hmm... there's this museum within walking distance of my hotel, why not? And so I stumbled upon Time for Three for the first time. As a cellist I have some appreciation for what is required to bring out a pure tone, and these guys were spot on every time. And what talent! I never saw any of the museum that night; I just sat enthralled by these guys. So this new album popped onto iTunes at midnight, and I snapped it up 2 hours later. If anything, these guys are even better than when I saw them last. Ranaan pulls mellow sounds out of that bass that very few guys can do - people like Edgar Meyer or Rob Wasserman - rare company indeed. And when you see Zach and Nick playing, one can easily see how much fun they have plying their craft. They love what they do! And we love to watch and listen. I would be most interested to know more about how they recorded this CD - the sonic quality is incredible. Any audiophile would be happy to acquire this!

3 Fervent Travelers


How I came across TF3 was being intrigued by a promotional poster my high school orchestra director had in her office about 4 or 5 years ago and seeing the unique combination of 2 violins and a bass forming a trio. Naturally, I did my research and instantly bought the first 2 albums "TF3" and "We Just Burned This for You." A few years later, and after having the opportunity to see them perform live a couple of times, I am exstatic that "3 Fervent Travelers" is the product of obvious dedication and a deep passion for music. The covers that were arranged are some of the best I have ever heard, and the original compositions are amazing! The variety of songs between the hardcore fiddling, jazzy rhythms, and tricky pizzicato passages is nothing but fulfilling. Anyone who listens to this album will not be disappointed... there is something for everyone to enjoy: jazz, bluegrass, pop/rock, and many more. Zach, Nick, and Ranaan are an unstoppable force... Nothing is impossible for these guys!

3 Fervent Travelers

Sing Lulu Sing

I am so excited about this album! I have been waiting for four years and it is finally here. Four years ago, I got to see TF3 live and perform with them. It was the most exciting, energetic experiences I have ever had! I wish that I could see these three phenomenal men perform the music from this album. It would be a sight to see. You can feel the energy TF3 brings and the energy the audience brings when listening to their music. It gives the music that little spark of excitement that you do not get when you listen to an album recorded in a studio. Thank you for your music TF3! I cannot wait for what is to come!




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