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About The Berzerker

The Berzerker unleashes intense, death-grind metal music that thrashes everything in its path with a mix of industrial, noise, and unstoppably heavy riffs. The misanthropic Australian band that prefers to remain shrouded in mystery and beneath mutant masks began as a studio solo project in Melbourne in 1995. In 1998, the Berzerker signed with Earache Records and in 2000 they released their monstrous, self-titled debut. The band's first video, for the track "Reality," was banned by MTV for its horrific and epilepsy-inducing imagery. After touring the United States with Dying Fetus, Gorguts, and Skinless, the Berzerker went into the studio to record their follow-up. Dissimulate, even more extreme than their first album, was released in 2002. With a cover of Carcass' "Corporal Jigsore Quandary," the record proved the Berzerker to be a frightening power in the world of metal, easily outdoing Gwar at their own game while playing technically gifted music and remaining serious enough to be downright scary. ~ Charles Spano

Melbourne, Australia



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