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4.9 out of 5

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39 Ratings

Great Journalism!


A work of real genius, produced quite early in the whole economic meltdown. This shows what journalism does best: putting two sides of a story into "conversation" in a way they would never be otherwise. Oh, and lots of reporting, editing, research, etc.

The Mortgage Crisis Explained

Joe in SA

This is one of my favorite episodes because I actually understood how we got into the financial mess we found ourselves in in 2008. This and Bad Bank are must "listen-to's."

Lots of information, very understandable

Marcie Johnson

Great show on the housing bubble. Everything's understandable and even funny sometimes. I especially liked the interviews with the actual players, people representing a certain kind of actor in the drama leading up the crisis: man who bought house; man who sold mortgages, man who brokered mortgages, man who packaged them as investments, etc. As a write this, a minor point of criticism occurs to me: I understand these are male-dominated industries, but I would have liked to have heard more women's voices. And more about Alan Greenspan!

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