15 Songs, 52 Minutes


*WEA.MusicPages.Riaa.Explicit* Mastered for iTunes


*WEA.MusicPages.Riaa.Explicit* Mastered for iTunes

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4.5 out of 5
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121 Ratings

Can't wait

Jaime (Taka) ONE OK ROCK

One ok rock is the best

One Ok Rock have blown away american peer bands for years and it’s due time they got a american debu


from their beginnings the band had captured the nihonjin nation, but outside of a small american demographic have gone un noticed. being signed by warner, they are re-releasing their 35xxxv album with all english lyrics. their music has been great to listen to both in nihongo and eigo, the language barrier has now been brought down and we can all give em the applause they deserve. John Feldmann’s production of this album is modern and fun, and the songs have a great edge despite the modern “not as raw” mixing applied to it. 5/5

Very Excited!!!


I own the Japanese version of 35xxxv (along with every album before it) and I absolutely love it. They've never disappointed me and, although I'd rather they kept the Japanese lyrics, I expect that this new all-english version of 35xxxv wont be much different and only help them to flourish in America! I really hope to see them make it big here someday!!!
🎶"Let's take it someday!"🎶




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