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Short Shrift


Ironic that they cut off the story about Citizens United vs FEC as too boring, but in reality, of all the stories attempted, that was the only one that could have been developed into a very compelling full hour. Citizens United is one of the most frightening SCOTUS decisions in memory, and I kind of felt put off that they aborted the story. I suppose they were justified purely because it couldn't be condensed into the 5-7 minutes called for, but to say the subject was too boring was dismissive.

In a nutshell: the fact that they're attempting so many vignettes does make this one a little choppy and consequently a little hard to get into. Putting that aside, it's an amusing enough episode; worth one listen.

Their worst show. Ever.


TAL has a long history of producing informative, award-winning stories and journalism: this is not one of them. Imagine take just about every criticism leveled at TAL -- true or false, fairly or unfairly -- over the years, and you'll find them reflected here. Amatuerish, self-absorbed, smug, dull, pointless, meandering, and even unprofessional, to boot: all that's there. They even manage to muck up the recording quality at times: guys, you're supposed to be radio professionals, how about doing something that at least sounds professional?



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