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I am a pastor and missionary (as well as the son of missionaries who served in South America) to the Latino community in the area where I live. I work with folks who have come here both with and without documents. Whether or not they have them is indifferent to me. Christ called us to love our neighbor and the Law of the Hebrew Scriptures calls us to welcome the stranger. What is happening in Alabama is ... despicable, abhorrent, and unchristian. I cannot fathom the thought process that lead a governor who claims to follow the same Jesus I do to justify signing this into law. I simply cannot, as much as I try.

These folks are here because there IS no way for them to support their families (short of signing on with a drug cartel) in the areas that they are coming from, and there IS NO LINE.

Excellent story. Moving, infuriating, touching, appalling.

Well done.



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