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328 Ratings




A modern masterpiece.

Cai Mossman

Samir's debut is an objective masterpiece, making every day truly wonderful. The slick lines and verbal ingenuity show that this truly is a song that can go with any venue and work perfectly. I showed this to my music major friends and of their brains literally exploded. Not one of them was left unchanged. This piece of art is without a doubt the greatest thing I've witnessed since Betty White sliced bread in the early Mesolithic Age. An absolute tour de force. 11/10 would recommend. In fact, this song is so good that even deaf people can enjoy it to its fullest extent. It actually cured Helen Kellers corpse and brought her back to life, I saw it with my own two eyes. Do yourself a favor. Buy this right now. Buy it twice. No. Three times, minimum. Buy it. Please. For the good of humanity. And remember: Have a Wonderful Day.

This dude is in 2099

ig 1.bryansierra

The A team was always playing first on my list man and this dude changed the game , he change my life.