10 Songs, 34 Minutes


About Treefight For Sunlight

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, childhood friends Mathias Sørensen (drums, vocals), Morten Winther Nielsen (guitar, vocals), Christian Rohde Lindinger (bass, vocals), and Niels Kirk (piano, vocals) formed sunshine pop outfit Treefight for Sunlight in 2007. The four-piece blends together a rich mixture of lush vocals and twinkling hooks, resulting in a modern baroque pop reincarnation. Amassing no less than three vocalists, the band manages to whip each song into an ecstatic crescendo of jubilation, while at times mirroring MGMT in its almost psychedelic tendencies. The influences of late-'60s California outfits the Association and the Turtles can be found in the layered harmonies and intrinsic melodies nestling within Treefight for Sunlight's sunny disposition.

Originally released on their native Danish label, Tambourhinoceros, their first single, "What Became of You and I," garnered a buzzing interest, with the summery pop tones grabbing the attention of music blogs and websites globally. Second single "Face the Sun" proved a more psychedelic offering while still reigning in pop brilliance, with the video -- a trip to the moon in a camper van -- exemplary of the band's whimsical eccentricity. This subsequently encouraged Bella Union to sign them to an international deal.

The singles were then both released on Bella Union during December 2010, and "What Became of You and I" was offered as a free download as they gathered further interest with radio airplay. Released initially on their Danish label in 2010, Treefight for Sunlight's self-titled album was repackaged and released in 2011 on Bella Union. The tracks were a long time in the making and they enlisted Danish counterpart and Oh No Ono frontman Aske Zidore to produce songs they had spent three years creating. This resulted in ten tracks of fevered sunshine pop tunes that were packed into a little over 35 minutes. ~ Scott Kerr

Copenhagen, Denmark