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Right on...

This is good stuff. As is earlier BE. The Opeth comparisons are reasonable however only for the obvious, phisilogical similarities. Groovy hard rocking, mid tempo jams, dirty and clean vocals intermixed nicely, aftentimes HAF death metal riffing, etc. But make no mistake, these are two very different sounding bands. With Opeth you can sit back letting the music wash over you comfortably but lots of options for participating physically whether that be moshing at a show, air drumming to Lopez(and ok... Axe got some good licks too) or just sitting on the edge of the couch with headphones on totally rocking out. Barren Earth is a little more demanding to listen to. Sure, you can rock out to this too but it's twists, turns, tempo changes and vocal stylings ask for something a little extra - can't quite get my head around it yet. While I like Barren Earth a lot and 'A Complex of Cages' is their best effort so far and it's really fun to listen to, Opeth does this better.