10 Songs, 56 Minutes


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Ron in RVA ,

So good!

I struggle with a lot contemporary jazz albums. It's the compositions. They bore me. I can't connect to them. There's a lack of depth and history to the music. It almost sounds like a generation of musicians who learned the art-form from textbooks in lieu of recordings. To my ears, the music has become formulaic from a compositional standpoint. Melody is sacrificed for the sake of something deemed intellectual. It is as if we are in danger of thinking the music to death. Whatever happened to striving for beauty?
A Day in the Life of Boriz is a beautiful album. Think Ellington, Monk, Mehldau, with a classical touch all the while managing to stay fresh. Jorn Swart made a fan out of me with this album. The band is fantastic. The interplay between Swart and saxophonist Chad Lefkowitz-Brown leaves me only wanting more collaborations in the future. Easily my favorite jazz album of 2014. Bravo!