8 Songs, 40 Minutes


About Louie Ramirez

Louie Ramirez is a composer, arranger, percussionist, and vibraharpist whose band is a top record-seller and is always playing to SRO crowds. Ray de la Paz, his vocalist, is a contributing factor to Ramirez's great success. Ramirez started music studies in his teens. Made his pro debut by replacing Joe Loco's vibraharpist Pete Terrace in 1956. His first recording was with Joe Loco for Ansonia Records in 1957. As a bandleader, in 1963, he released Introducing Louie Ramirez for Rmo Records, and his success continued to grow in the coming decades, as he released dozens of popular albums. ~ Max Salazar

Manhattan, New York, NY
February 28, 1938



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