24 Songs, 1 Hour 4 Minutes


About Tenet

Coming from a superb Canadian thrash pedigree featuring members of Zimmer's Hole and Strapping Young Lad, as well as having members involved with Fear Factory and Dethklok, Tenet makes classic, high-energy thrash metal that harkens back to a time when Anthrax and Slayer ruled the metal world. Originally formed in 1996 as a SYL side project by Jed Simon, the band was initially a studio project, with Simon creating demos here and there and casually writing new material. After eventually signing with Century Media, Simon began to assemble the people to finally make Tenet a reality, recruiting SYL members Gene Hoglan and Bryan Stroud, as well as Legacy's (later Testament) Steve Souza and Forbidden's Glen Alvelais. Over a decade later, the band finally released their debut album, Sovereign, on Century Media.