31 Songs, 1 Hour 15 Minutes


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5 out of 5

7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Arielle you're going places <3


Been a fan of this girl since I discovered her brother Adam in Aladdin.

Their bond is amazing and arielle has some PIPES!

Arielle is perfect


I love everything about this wonderful, talented woman. She creates beautiful art and never fails to amaze me

Amazing journey through words and song


What an amazing hour + it was to experience the words, stories and vocal talents of Arielle Jacobs. Expect moments of sheer shock when finding out about some of Arielles struggles. Just when you feel down, Arielle presents her perspective on life and you learn of great success and bookings through her career! This album is for kids and adults alike. It is for musical theater fans and pop fans. It is for struggling actors and actresses who need some perspective on the difficult life of a full time performer. It is for parents who want insight into how their children think and kids who just want to hear a Disney Princess! Take a moment to listen and just breathe!

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