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30 and 40 somethings.....


should remember this kind of 80s synth pop. I'm 40 and still enjoy buying this type of synth music being produced(better than most other current electronic music-that's for sure!). Not great, but pretty good EP. Love Synthesizers, and FM Attack has some decent melodies in a a few of these songs. Another good producer you should check out; DigiKid84.

*UPDATE* after listening to this for a good 6 months now..I find it in my ipod touch rotation more than most of my other electronic songs....I feel this is a very underated classic(5 stars, which is very hard for most electronic music to obtain) of "disco/retro/80's" electronic music...Invisible is a classic. I have played this sound hundreds of times driving in my car....amazing synth melody! hopefully these guys have a new album soon!



-is the best track here by far. Awesome. Loop it.

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