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47 Ratings
green ghost ,

Oh yea!

I was one of the fortunate few who got to hear this album in its entirety at the band's Seattle listening party back in early August. I was definitely impressed, but I needed to hear it a few more times to really get to know it before commenting. I’d been waiting patiently for my pre-order CD to arrive, when they thankfully provided me a pre-release copy this week. So, with headphones on and at a volume that my wife assures me will ruin my hearing, I’ve now heard every track a number of times. Let me just tell you, this album is awesome. My thoughts:

In total, the album is just plain genuine. A return to the band’s roots, more familiar to Citizens than Join the Triumph, but not just a copy of the original. I know some didn’t like that Join the Triumph was more synth driven and worship oriented. On this album, they really find the right balance of styles and instruments. Lyrically, every song seems to pour out directly from deep in their heart and soul and into yours. Combined, the tracks are intelligently laid out to tell the story of a daily walk in our search of God – both the highs and the lows.

The first track, Crown Him, is a soaring full-bodied worship song with a nicely understated syncopated bass and drum line that keeps it tight and interesting. You’ve probably already heard Madness, so I won’t dwell on it. What is really sweet is what comes next. If you’re like me, you wondered what the deal was with the synth riff at the end of Madness. It flows directly into Faith. Faith is one of my favorite tracks on the album because it is so interesting musically (while certainly not a slouch lyrically). At first it reminds me a little of Depeche Mode but then the somewhat funky bass line comes in and just when you’re adjusting to the mix of the two you’re into the chorus which adds a full toned Roy Orbison-esque guitar. It’s all a retro mash-up of pure musical goodness. Not to be outdone, the second verse pours on an in-your-face guitar riff, leading you to a new level of delight in the song. The mixing on this track is genius as none of the sounds are overpowering, but they’re all there and distinct, yet all cohesive. Next are Relent and Day by Day, already released for all to hear. Kids has shades of Made Alive from their first album, a straight-forward track that keeps your foot tapping throughout. How Majestic slows things down a bit and returns to a more worship focused lyric lifted from Psalms 8. The track lays low until the bridge where it builds steadily while lyrically calling all to come to the Lord. My Joy Is Complete is next. The tracks leading up to this point are a mix of praise (Crown Him, How Majestic), the goodness of God’s grace (Faith, Kids) and the struggles of figuring out our relationship (Madness, Relent). In this track they begin to reconcile these thoughts and feelings in a subdued yet driving and melodic tune until the bridge where it is stripped down to the realization that in God our joy is complete. The last track, Doubting Doubts, is another favorite. On top of a haunting guitar line, the lyrics complete the reconciliation of the albums various themes to send us out to continue our walk. “And now that my eyes are open, I can see that I am stronger broken, You’re the mystery that I put my hope in, the more I seek, the more I find”. The song ends dramatically, coming out of the bridge with an explosion of sound that drives home the point that we are loved no matter what.

If you even remotely like Citizens & Saints previous work, don’t hesitate to buy this album. You won’t be disappointed.

jfkelslfjfoskd ,

Still Tired

I pay attention to lyrics over melodies most of the time. But when songs are both poetic and haunting in melody, im sucked in. "Relent" speaks too close to me. im tired. a confession that resonates too well with me and most likely with believers all over. This record comes from a heart caught betwen the pain of this world and the Gospel. Cant recommed it enough.

iamJPB.com ,

Brought me back to life

On those days when I just get tired of the ugliness that happens on this earth and in the church and want to stay in bed and stare off into oblivion, listening to any song from this band brings me back to life. I was blessed to meet Brian and Zach in Dallas and they are super humble guys. I am so thankful that someone out there gets it and keeps the hope going. Join the Triumph is amped up 80s and this album is more symphonic with longer songs and more strings but still has the pop flavor of JTT. Love, love, love it!!!!

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