8 Songs, 27 Minutes


About Luna 13

Luna 13 is the dark electronica outlet of Jade Sol Luna, Asterian astrologist, occultist, and producer. While Luna grew up in Arizona, he studied Hindu astrology and Satanism in India, worshiping the "dark side of the Mother Goddess," the Hindu goddess Kali, and the feminine form. Inspired by his many experiences in India, he returned to the United States and adopted the moniker Dr. Luna for his Hollywood-based Luna 13 project. Luna's debut album, Phantom Bass Queen (originally titled Feeling Like My Old Sunny Self Again), was released on Halloween in 2012. He built a moderate following in the industrial underground and went on to sign with Morbit Records the following year. In 2013, he released the compilation Resurrection in Black, which was followed by his India-inspired Rakshasi ("female demon") album, which he released in India on his own independent label, Snake Bite Records. The Empress of Filth -- and accompanying Empress Bee Sides -- arrived in 2014. After issuing the dubstep-tinged A New Kind of Devil, he recruited singer and dancer Lilith Bathory to build upon his already intense live show. The duo's debut was 2015's The Hollywood Ripper, full of dark local references to death and infamous females like Emily Rose, Marilyn Monroe, and Elisa Lam, who mysteriously died in a hotel in Los Angeles in 2013. A year later, on June 6, 2016, they returned with Dark Side of the Sun (Cleopatra Records). ~ Neil Z. Yeung

Hollywood, CA