11 Songs, 42 Minutes


About Lindsay Tomasic

Lindsay Tomasic is an impressive singer, which is a major accomplishment on its own, but she is also a musician, producer, sound designer, composer, backup vocalist, and recording engineer. If you mention her name though, you might get a look that says the person you are speaking to has never heard of Tomasic, or any of her music. That's okay, you can probably prove that they have, and with little effort. Tomasic's skills have found her musical work being used on television often, appearing in popular shows like Passions, Young and the Restless, Sunset Beach, Seventh Heaven, Family Law, Judging Amy, and the Roseanne Show. Tomasic has also written trailers for hit series like Murphy Brown, Chicago Hope, and Touched by an Angel.

Tomasic was born in Michigan, the daughter of a copper miner. In 1987, she left her family behind to move to Los Angeles and test her chances of making it in the big world of music. She joined a band and soon landed a record deal. Fate had other plans and the deal fell through. Tomasic didn't give up, instead she gathered her courage and dreams closer to her and found a job as a pianist and singer.

Over the next few years, she worked hard and saved enough money to set up a small recording studio in her home. She started out doing demos for other artists, adding her musician and vocalist skills when needed. Her own demos and songwriting talents began to gain notice in the early '90s.

Tomasic's debut solo album, Well Kept Secret, has gotten great reviews, even catching the attention of the head of music operations at CBS. Tomasic followed up her first album with Paradise Road, an album filled with tunes that could be thought of as autobiographical about her childhood, or many of our childhoods, in small town America. ~ Charlotte Dillon