10 Songs, 42 Minutes


About Kingdom

Armed with a heartfelt conviction to fight social injustice wherever and however it may raise its ugly head — all while promoting their strict vegan straight-edge lifestyle — Kingdom are a hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA, that formed in the summer of 2006. Driven (and sober) as they were, Kingdom required only a few months to prepare their first, six-song demo for release through Goodbye Blue Skies Records, then followed it with a four-song 7" through New Age Records in the spring of 2008, at which time they were approached by emo/screamo stronghold Eulogy with an offer to record their first album. This duly emerged in early 2009, and featured ten powerful anthems inspired by bands like Hatebreed, Warzone, and Agnostic Front, as well as the personal demons tormenting Kingdom guitarist Dave Hayter, bassist Pierce, vocalist Davin, and session drummer Ben, as they unified to push their musical agenda upon their hardcore brethren.

Philadelphia, PA



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