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Absolutely amazing!!
So excited for her new album
She has the perfect melodic tone in her voice thats powerful but also calms one down and just brings you too another world.. For instance this song in particular I feel like I'm drifting away on a cloud. All negativity below me because people really don't know me.
This reminds me of that so I stop letting it get to me and let me drown that stress away until it dissipates.
That I feel is the power of being (\S/)trange!!
Thank you Mac for the beautiful song and thank you Strange for making this happen!! So excited for more 😎🤑🤑🤑💜



I love this song

About Mackenzie Nicole

Pop singer Mackenzie Nicole made her debut in 2015 on Tech N9ne's collaboration album Strangeulation, Vol. 2 with their song "Actin Like You Know." Although it was her first release, the Kansas City teenager was no stranger to the business: her father, Travis O'Guin, co-founded Strange Music, an indie label specializing in hardcore rap, in 1999 with none other than Tech N9ne himself. The track was later released as a Mackenzie Nicole stand-alone single -- removing Tech's verse -- as the singer entered the studio to begin recording her debut album. In 2017, Nicole appeared on a trio of tracks on the seventh Tech N9ne Collabos effort, Dominion, scoring a headlining slot on the song "Take You Down." ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Kansas City, MO
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