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This is a remarkable collection of musical spoken word and song, with 45 different tracks from over 300 artists, all volunteering their talents to benefit the U.S. Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations (USFUCA) with the single shared goal of World Peace. It includes artists like Dan Aykroyd, Julian Lennon, Kathy Sledge, Janis Ian, Lillias White, Patrick Moraz, Paul Avgerinos and many more, including the words of acclaimed lyricist Mike Greenly as he envisions a world of mutual understanding, acceptance and respect. It’s a pleasure to listen to this rich array of beautiful collaborations, while knowing that all net profits go to UNESCO-USFUCA to further the important mission of unifying us all through peace. I’ve got this inspiring album in mind for my Holiday gift-giving already. OUTSTANDING!

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A great album with a great cause!

WOW! We are super proud of Guinness Record Award Winner Rupam Sarmah, Grammy Winner Kevin Mackie, and Krista Wallagher for putting together such an epic album! A compilation of 40 Spoken Word (with music) pieces that raise awareness for world peace. This is exactly what the world needs right now: A message of hope, light and togetherness. This album is a collaboration with UNESCO and includes the work of many talented (some very well known) musicians, engineers, graphic artists, and other staff. Most of the music was written by Rupam Sarmah, one of our favorite composers of all times. This album is full of love, passion, creativity, and humanity. How appropriate was for them to release this album on International Peace Day! This project is one of the most beautiful gifts to the human species, and we hope it transcends for the next generations to listen and enjoy. It's with great honor that Oscar and I participated in this album. Congratulations on a job greatly done!

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Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus

In times like these, with so much focus on problems and division in the world, a project like Action Moves People United could not be more needed and timely. A huge number of dedicated people have come together to make this happen in conjunction with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), which strives to promote peace and security among nations through education, science, and culture. The team has produced a musical spoken word album that will exchange ideas, stories, and information focused on bringing about World Peace through individual responsibility, education and helping each other. The mission of the project is to raise awareness of environmental and humanitarian crisis and find actionable solutions.

The recording is a double CD album with 45 tracks of music and spoken word. One of the goals for the project is to pair up artists who live in opposing countries for collaborations that go beyond politics, religion and borders. The album, produced by Rupam Sarmah, Kevin Mackie, and Krista Wallhagen, includes more than 300 international artists from over 30 countries, including world-class musicians, authors, artists, and even an astronaut who have contributed to this immense effort. While there are too many names to list them all, a small sampling includes actor Dan Aykroyd, John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon, Kathy Sledge of the R&B group Sister Sledge, NY Times best selling author Colin Andrews, folk music icon Janis Ian, Annie Haslam of the band Renaissance, musicians from The Moody Blues, Yes, Jethro Tull, Peter Gabriel, new age music Grammy® winners Ricky Kej, Wouter Kellerman, Laura Sullivan, Paul Avgerinos, and so many more incredibly talented people.

Opening the album is a powerful and inspiring composition entitled “Enlighten Your Soul.” The music, composed by Rupam Sarmah, is a veritable United Nations in itself, beginning with the sound of sitar and tabla drums from India, and evolving through snippets of Celtic, Tibetan, African, and other examples of world and western music. Over this soundtrack, actor Dan Aykroyd, of Saturday Night Live fame, recites the words of Laurie Ziel which speak of the need for global awareness and mentions the names and deeds of numerous people such as Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Betty Williams, the Dalai Lama, and many others who have taken a stand for world peace and social justice.

A smaller production, although no less impactful, is an environmentally-themed composition by Julian Lennon called “Saltwater (Reggae Version). With it’s infectious groove and relevant message, this song stayed with me for quite a while after hearing it. Two-time Grammy® winning singer-songwriter Janis Ian who on this album, provides a spoken word piece called “The Song Unsung,” which is a poem written by Nobel prize winner Rabindranath Tagore of India in 1913. Another piece Rupam collaborated on musically, this time with Sharon Katz is “Mandela Meets Ghandi.” This powerfully moving track with its roots in India and Africa pays tribute to two seminal figures in the movement towards peace and justice. The grand finale, “Voices For Peace,” is a huge production involving over 50 people on vocals, spoken word, and instruments on a song composed by Linda Chorney. Its funky groove provides an upbeat background for a variety of inspirational quotes about the various issues addressed throughout the album. I can’t think of a more fitting way to conclude this feature article than with the words of Dan Aykroyd, who shared: “I pray for the moment of mass consciousness when we all wake up and bring peace into our own hearts and souls. It’s a challenge and it’s going to take every one of us to make it happen.”

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