12 Songs, 39 Minutes


Growling with intensity, the metalcore quartet come alive.

Mastered for iTunes


Growling with intensity, the metalcore quartet come alive.

Mastered for iTunes

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4.4 out of 5
260 Ratings
260 Ratings


Sick and Disgusting were ridiculously good releases, and levels above this album. This album feels very rushed, the lyrics on some songs are downright cringe worthy, the guitar riffs are very lacking, and the creativity took a huge hit. Idk why Caleb felt the need to appeal heavily to scene kids/little high schoolers on this album but whatever. That being said, this album is by no means bad, just a definite step down from past releases.


Caleb Shomo is the peanut butter to my jelly. That is all.


The music is good, but slightly unoriginal.

I love BT, and their sound is very unique. But this album sounds a lot like the previous one. A lot of the instrument sounds and vocals are being reused and it's not very creative. The biggest problem here is the guitar break downs, that all sound the same. There's good songs on here and I love the topics they are speaking on. But as an album, it's repetitive and lacks creativity.

About Beartooth

Ohio-based metalcore band Beartooth was originally formed by frontman Caleb Shomo as an alternative creative outlet during his time as lead vocalist for Attack Attack! However, Beartooth eventually became the singer's main gig after leaving that band in 2012. With the new project, Shomo created a raw and driving hardcore sound that felt like a true departure from Attack Attack!'s heavily produced electronicore. The band's founding lineup included guitarist Taylor Lumley, bassist Nick Reed, and drummer Brandon Mullins. They signed with Red Bull Records in 2013 and released their debut EP, Sick. Rhythm guitarist Kamron Bradbury (City Lights) joined the fray in 2014, just as Beartooth issued their first LP, Disgusting. Before the follow-up, Reed and Mullins parted ways with the band, replaced by Oshie Bichar and Connor Denis, respectively. In 2016, Beartooth released their sophomore effort, Aggressive, featuring the anthemic title track. It debuted atop the Billboard Alternative chart and at number 25 on the Billboard 200. A year later, an expanded deluxe edition of the album was issued, featuring acoustic and live versions recorded in London and their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. ~ Gregory Heaney & Neil Z. Yeung

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