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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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8 Ratings
Alex Dionisio

Sadat X's 'Agua' is a cool refreshing glass of rap, as nourishing as clean clear water

Sadat X (one third of Brand Nubian) has changed tones slightly since his 2015 Never Left album where his experience and years came out as well something close to mild cheesiness, but this time, on his new Agua LP (July 15, Tommy Boy Ent.), he’s cut down a little on the cheese, kept his seniority plus some and added an ounce or two of his usual New York grit.

Of an earlier style but fit for a king, Agua is evidence that Sadat is still a stable solid rock in the game carrying on tradition finely. He takes turns on the album informing, dreaming, having some fun and taking care of business, as confident as ever in his roles as the dad of a soon-to-be college freshman, a school volunteer and neighborhood watchman.

His wisdom and sagacity are shown in “The City Never Sleeps” featuring eMC’s Wordsworth as the two rap on common corruption in the world, and songs like “Cut And Dry” (ft. Lord Jamar) and “The Bass Player” display Sadat X the lover, the warrior and regular guy.

In “Maybe It’s Me,” he admits to being from a different, arguably better era (later, in “Tommy Is My Boy,” he’s anti-pills and anti-lean), and as his final positive acts, he turns off the Agua (and doesn’t leave it running) with “We Strive” (ft. Dres of Black Sheep) and the seize-this-life anthem “Nobody.”

Sadat X is no less than a smart seasoned veteran now, and this regular musical-visit he pays to us has a larger, greater sound and impact than his last. The producers have laid out a good modest buffet of beats, and although it’s not very revolutionary, Agua is there to help wash away our blues.


Maybe It's Me Too

Another great and truthful album from Sadat X.



Dope! Beat and lyrics are amazing.

About Sadat X

As a member of Brand Nubian, Sadat X (born Derek Murphy) was one of the key MCs whose messages were inspired by the Five Percent Nation. Two years after Brand Nubian's third album, Everything Is Everything, he made his solo debut with Wild Cowboys, which built on his lyrical reputation on top of tough, jazz-inflected arrangements. The album, featuring production from Diamond D and Buckwild, was a solid solo debut that didn't quite scale the heights of his legacy with Brand Nubian. No Better Way, also released in 1996, improved on the debut and was produced by a cast that opened up to include Da Beatminerz and Pete Rock. Sadat teamed back up with Brand Nubian for 1998's Foundation, but he didn't appear again as a solo artist until The State of New York vs. Derek Murphy, an EP released on Relativity in 2000. With a full-time job as a special-education teacher, it took five years before his next album, 2005's Experience & Education, was released, but 2006 saw another full-length, Black October, land on the shelves. The sequel to his debut album, Wild Cowboys II appeared in 2010, then Love, Hell or Right followed in 2012. A three-year gap warranted the title of his next album, 2015's Never Left, then Agua landed in 2016 along with its accompanying single, "Freeze." Early 2017 saw the release of "The Devil Is Near," the first single from the Diamond D-produced full-length Sum of a Man. ~ Andy Kellman

New Rochelle, NY
December 29, 1968




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