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5 Ratings

Voice of an Angel

Tracy T.H.

Bruno Pelletier is a megastar in his native Quebec, and he deserves the same recognition worldwide. I bought a copy of every album he's ever made after discovering him during a trip to France. His songs are passionate, heartfelt four-minute masterpieces. You'll love "Aime," a song he sings to his son about the importance of love as well as "Miserere," his take on the Italian song made famous by Andrea Bocelli. Every song on the album is marvelous, though. iTunes also needs to put his live album on the store. That album is as remarkable as this one.

About Bruno Pelletier

Born August 7, 1962, in Quebec, singer Bruno Pelletier got his start in music in the bands Amanite and Sneak Preview in the early '80s. Wishing to move away from performing in English, Pelletier moved on to the Francophone act Pëll. He went on to participate in contests and landed a role in a musical. His debut album, Bruno Pelletier, was released in 1992, and he continued his work in musical theater. It was another three years before Pelletier released another album, but in that time he kept busy, performing in Les FrancoFolies and Starmania. Over the next few years, Pelletier continued to release albums and perform; 2001 saw his first live album hit the shelves, and in 2002 he released studio full-length number six, Un Monde a l'Envers. He also worked with the Symphonic Orchestra of Montreal and landed the leading role in a musical retelling of Dracula, as well as winning many awards for his singing and acting over the course of his career. ~ Chris True

Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada
August 7, 1962



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