14 Songs, 36 Minutes


About Hyperbubble

San Antonio's Jeff DeCuir is one for keeping his hand in various things musically, from his punk days through the continuing experimentation of the collective he leads, Crevice. So it's no surprise that he started up yet another band as well, namely Hyperbubble, which consists of himself on keyboards and his wife, Jessica -- like Jeff, a veteran of the bouncy AM retro-pop group Pink Filth -- on vocals and keyboards. The focus of the group is proudly and unashamedly that of the synth pop era; everything's electronic from the drum beats on up, with the exception of the singing (and even that gets the Vocoder treatment every so often). Beginning formal life in 2000 with a concert in its hometown, Hyperbubble continued performing and building up a repertoire of original songs (in contrast to Pink Filth's heavy reliance on covers) as well as contributing a variety of remixes to such like-minded characters as Mission Giant. The group's formal recorded debut came four years after its start with the brief but enjoyable Sol!d Pop in 2004. ~ Ned Raggett