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206 Ratings
SerenityBoy ,

A Whole New World yet still familiar!

I grew up a Disney kid. I love all of it. In 1992 something about Aladdin touched me. The adventure, the humor, the romance, something. When Disney started doing broadway I yearned for Aladdin to be adapted. In 2014 my 22 year old dream came true. On March 19th I finally got to see the show and it blew away my high expectations. The deleted songs from the movie combined with the new material both in song and book flowed seemlessly. It was a whole new show yet familiar at the same time. The cast is out of this world amazing, especially Adam Jacobs whose charming Aladdin is everything I wanted him to be. And don't get me started on the Genie, played by Tony Nominated James Monroe Ingleheart. He stops the show he's that good. I was fortunate to see the show again the next day (opening night) thanks to the generosity of one of the security guards at the New Amsterdam Theatre, and it was even better the second time. I can't wait to listen to this over and over again, with fond memories, and them go back to Agrabah sometime this summer or fall with some of my closest friends so they can experience the magic too! Buy this CD, you won't be disappointed!

JDVega95 ,

A Brave New Interpretation

First, let me say that this is a review of the soundtrack itself and not the production. I have followed the development of this musical since its Seattle premiere in 2011. The show has come a long way since then, and all the hard work of the cast and creative team has paid off. This may not be Disney’s best Broadway venture, but it will still delight and entertain, likely, for years to come. The creative team behind Broadway’s Aladdin has taken some brave risks with the style of the show, but it seems to all pay off, giving the score a swing/jazz feeling reminiscent of what the late lyricist Howard Ashman had envisioned for the project. It is not without flaws, however, perhaps the biggest of which is Courtney Reed’s Jasmine. Her singing is passible, and becomes more enjoyable with more listens, but her dialogue delivery is rather stale and, for lack of a better word, fake (please note that I actually study theatre and am not merely making blind observations). Alan Menken’s new score is rather fun on the whole, and even the worst of the new material (“These Palace Walls,” in my opinion) can get stuck in your head easily. All together, the Original Broadway Cast recording of Disney’s Aladdin is a pleasant and refreshing surprise.

Crazy4savvy ,

A new voice and addition to the classic

It's been over 20 years since the original Disney's Aladdin has been released. Brad Kane and Lea Salonga beautiful voices blended into perfection. The broadway cast takes a new approach to the classic, putting their own flavor into these timeless tales and it works quite nicely. Adam Jacobs has a voice which imitates the spontaneity of Aladdin and Courtney Reed's voice holds a beautiful innocence which helps brings Jasmine's character to life.

I also had to pleasure of seeing this entire cast perform on Broadway and they were simply phenomenal. A must buy for any Disney, Aladdin, or broadway fan. You can never go wrong with an Alan Menken work of art.

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