9 Songs, 31 Minutes


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You’re going to need an Alibi to explain why you haven’t heard this album.

A well-rounded and complete presentation of style, talent and passion, Andy Suzuki & the Method presents us with “Alibi” to kick off the new year. We’re introduced with their first single off of the album, “Medicine,” a perfect transition from their previous release, “The Glass Hour” (2017). Vocally, songs like “You Give Me,” “Old Lady” and “Can’t Talk” display more of those deep, bold, sometimes crooning tones that frontman Andy Suzuki has perfected in recent years. On tracks such as “Let You Win” and “Thelma Louise,” we are blessed with those sweet, soft vocals we’ve always appreciated from him. The balance of skillful musicians and notable production on this album helps the group hone in on a soulful, bluesy rock sound with a funky vibe that definitely makes you want to groove and jive.

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