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Abstract photographer,

LOVE, this album is great! Jesus is GREAT. I get more excited to praise our Lord, He is worthy of our Worship.
Great job Hillsong, being doers of Jesus' word and catching more to be in His kingdom.



This is STELLAR. Production blew me away! The best thing is about this album is that even though the music is awesome (which commands a lot of attention while your listening to it), the act of actually tuning into the worship, focusing on the words and what God has done for us is relatively easy. It's great to have this kinda stuff hitting mainstream worship!

About Hillsong Young & Free

One of the many groups affiliated with the Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, Hillsong Young & Free release worship music with a target audience of teens. Announced in 2012, the group issued the singles "Alive," "Awake," and the Spanish-language "Vivo Estás," all in 2013. Filled with dance beats and teen pop anthems, their debut album, We Are Young & Free, arrived later in the year, featuring production from Hillsong veteran Michael-Guy Chislett. In early 2016 they released their sophomore album, Youth Revival, followed a year later by an acoustic rendering of the same album called Youth Revival Acoustic. ~ David Jeffries

    Sydney Australia

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