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Exceptional A Cappella


I confess up front, I have a "special thanks to" credit on the liner notes. That said, I was completely NOT prepared to be totally blown away by this CD. BNS has outdone themselves on this, their latest effort. The lush production quality of "Starlight" provides listeners with a vocal tapestry, only to be outdone by the intense layering of "Low Remix". And the "hidden track"--included on the iTunes version--of Short Skirt Long Jacket again proves the song's worth to all the "ballsy" women of the world with an intensely arranged version of the homage to tough businesswomen everywhere.

CASA & RARB, have you heard Fred Jones, Pt 2 performed by BNS? You better before you decide on ANY awards this year. The arrangement is heartbreaking in its purity and mesmerizing flow.

BNS, this is incredible. THANK YOU for letting me help you get this to the masses. You guys are amazing!

Definitely worth it!

Micah Russell,

I don't know what Susan is talking about. This is an awesome a cappella CD! She must be a troll. LOLZ! Anyway, it's great from beginning to end. There's not one weak soloist throughout and the arrangements are creative and fun to listen to! It's especially cool to hear girls singing on "War On Sound". Recently, the album was nominated for two CARA Awards (Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards) for Best Male Collegiate Solo on "Cowboys" and for Best Hip-Hop/R&B Song for "Low Remix". That's a worldwide award! So overall, definitely worth the $10 for the whole CD! Every song will leave you asking for more, which makes repeat listenability inevitable. So don't just take it from me, listen to the clips yourself! Make the decision, buy the CD, and enjoy!

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