12 Songs, 51 Minutes


About Kim Jordan

Like many preachers' kids, Kim Jordan grew up with gospel music all around her. She loved it, playing and singing it quite a bit, but when she left her native Detroit for Howard University she decided not to study music and to explore other avenues instead. That was until she discovered jazz and began playing the keyboards again, something that eventually caught the ear of the revolutionary Gil Scott-Heron. For the next 12 years she toured the world in Heron's band. Session work for Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder, Vanessa Williams, Take 6, Lionel Hampton, and others kept her busy while not on tour. All of this came to a stop when she was involved in an auto accident that left her unable to play the keyboards. She distanced herself from friends and family by moving to Stockholm, Sweden. It was there she returned to her roots and began studying to become a Minister of the Gospel. She also embraced gospel music once again and desired to create a new genre she would name "gospel-jazz." The uplifting blend debuted on the 2001 release All for You. She scored the music soundtrack for the Showtime cable network 2002 movie Rain before releasing her second album, Full Circle, in 2006. ~ David Jeffries